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Posted 9/20/2021


1972 MGB


Robert (Bob) Carroll was a CCMGC member until 2015. He  became ill that year and was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

He loved his MGB. We bought it for our daughter’s 16th birthday. After high school, Bob got her another car and took back the MGB. He drove it in our neighborhood 4th of July parade in 2015 but it has not been driven since. He started  it up  and had planned to drive it in 2017 but was too ill. Bob died on November 16, 2020.

I would like to sell it so it can belong to someone who can care for it once again. I would like $1500. The person would have to come get it. I have the key and title.


Elaine Carroll
(512) 731-0616
10841 Olympia Fields Loop
Austin, Texas, 78747


Posted 8/24/2021


1978 MGB


I’ve owned this MG since 1998 and it has been maintained at Shimek Auto since I purchased it.

80,789 mileage.  Runs well.  Inspection current.  New tires.

Just time for a new home.


Asking $3000.


Stuart Rorer

VP, NA Platform&Technology COE

Mobile – 512.516.9304



Posted 7/31/2021


1973 MG Monster Midget has been a fun build, going from a very mistreated shell to a kick-butt cruiser.

Sadly, life has gotten in the way of the final few steps so… Time to sell.  Asking $20k, negotiable.

Dean Peters, deanp5208@att.net, Cell 512-660-9604, Home 512-778-6196


This project has been a great deal of work and fun!

I put in a new drivetrain but kept as much of the MG Midget Style as possible!!!

I used an engine/trans kit designed for an MGB as bolt in with no mods.  Some mods for fit into an MG Midget were required.  I acquired the kit and lots of advice/support from British Car Conversions, Dayton, OH (Marc Traylor [deceased]).  The link to the company that bought Marc’s business is https://www.britishcarconversions.com/.

Starting Vehicle

http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters1.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters2.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters3.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters4.jpg

Updated Vehicle

http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters5.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters6.jpg
http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters7.jpg  http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters11.jpg
http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters8.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters9.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Peters10.jpg

Comparison -- Original Stock versus Monster Midget


Stock 73 MG Midget

Monster Midget


1275cc, 65hp, straight 4cyl, Dual SU

‘04-06 LX9 (3500), 205hp, v6, 220 ft/lb, EFI


4 Speed no Synchronizer Gear

5 Speed T5Z (93 Mustang)

Per specs, geared to work with original MG Midget Rear End.


1-core w/ 800 CFM pull fan on motor

3-core w/ 2700 CFM Push Fan


Original Stock

Original Stock – No Change


Original Stock

Custom length & fittings


Rusted w/ many holes

Custom headers, pipe, and muffler


Carburetor Dual SU

EFI, pressurized new fuel lines


Rusted out lines, rotors, drums, all

New Rotors/calipers, Drums, Pads, Lines, reservoir


Original Stock

New Gauges + Voltage


Hydraulic Original

New Tube Shocks


Rotten vinyl, carpet, dash, et al

New Leather, dash, panels


Lap Seat Belt

3pt Seat Belts, Roll Bar

Battery Position

Engine compartment



Wire (major rust)


Curb Weight

1650 lbs

1600 lbs



All body work, paint, and fab work have been done.

What’s Left to Do –

Carpet, Soft Convertible Top, Top Cover, Tonneau cover (I have all these parts!)

Additional Included

  • Wire Wheels 5x (original)
  • Hydraulic Shocks (left & right)
  • Hood body part (finished)
  • USB Drive will all pix and history of the build


Posted 7/14/2021


1972 MGB GT

http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg01.jpg  http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg02.jpg  http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg03.jpg  http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg08.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg12.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg10.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg07.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg05.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Skoldeberg04.jpg

1972 MGB GT with overdrive and dealer installed Airconditioning.


The car is partially apart in prep for paint, I have done a few customizations to it, the side markers, filler hole, backup lights and all emblem holes are welded. The car is from New Braunfels and is rust free after sitting for 32 years.  It has a 1968 engine with new oil pump, timing chain etc., new oil cooler and hoses, clutch with stainless steel hose and new cylinders. The transmission tunnel had a heat shield installed before the trans was reinstalled, the exhaust manifold has heat wrap. New u-joints and front wheel bearings. Front valance and battery. The whole braking system is new. New hood. The headliner is perfect. Two interiors with one of them good. There are a lot of uninstalled parts among them new tinted windshield, bumpers, driver’s door glass, poly bushings, white front turn signals, sun visors all rubber window seals and a bunch of other little things. Almost $4K in new parts. I drive the car around the neighborhood but have not figured out the OD and some of the other functions.


I am looking for $6500.00.


The car is in Lakeway area.


Looking for someone who would enjoy finishing this one (otherwise I will, but at a slow pace).


Ben Skoldeberg





Posted 7/3/2021


1973 MGB

http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Straughn1a.JPG http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Straughn2.JPG http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Straughn3.JPG http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Straughn4.JPG http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Straughn5.JPG http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Straughn6.JPG http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Straughn7.JPG


1973 MGB Roadster for sale


It is a ONE owner car bought new in Austin!


The owner is 83 years old and can no longer drive.  He has asked me to sell it for him.

It starts and runs fine, has a new battery and has been maintained for many years by us here at the shop (Ron Shimek Auto Service Center).

The body and interior are fair and no rust is showing. Tires look very good.

Great driver!


Asking $3500. or best offer


For more info, please contact:

Ron Shimek




Posted 5/11/2021


1966 MG Midget

http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Rumion1.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Rumion2.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Rumion3.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Rumion4.jpg http://www.capcitymgclub.org/media/images/ForSale2/Rumion5.jpg 


I am asking $4000 (cash preferably) for this 1966 MG Midget. It is Red, and has an original soft top accompanying it. 


The original distributor was replaced with a Pertronix D17600 Electronic distributor, and the carburetor has been replaced with a Weber. The interior has also been worked on, as the original seats were replaced with leather ones. 


Currently the car does not run (it needs a new battery at the very least, and probably some tuning because it has been sitting for a year and a half without having been started), it also does not shift gears. I have not had the time or luxury of figuring out why, my hunch was the notorious bar at the transmission that needs to be bent back a bit or a master cylinder issue. So therefore it will need to be towed at the buyers expense, and it comes as-is. 


There are also two large boxes of parts and equipment for the car that accompany the purchase, many original pieces.


I am willing to throw an extra engine that came with the car when I purchased it, but I don’t have the equipment to lift it or move it, and it was damaged when it was shipped to my home so it needs to be rebuilt or cleaned up because it’s been on my garage floor on its side sadly in the same way it was dropped off. So if you want a project engine upgrade, you can have it because otherwise it’s going to the junkyard (and it would be a shame for that to happen so I hope someone does want it!).


I am moving out of Austin as I have an illness that needs to be treated and my options are limited here, which is the reason I’m selling this for much less than I bought it for. Also my garage is a gigantic mess, but the car has been treated very well!


Jon Rumion       210.854.9705




Posted 03/20/2021


1953 MG TD for Sale: Beautiful, older restoration in excellent condition. Leather interior, burled walnut dash, wooden steering wheel, chrome wire wheels, cloth top, excellent side curtains, engine oil cooler, improved fan and shroud, higher rear end ratio for higher cruising speed. Price reduced to $20,000 or BEST OFFER by Saturday, March 20. Contact information:
Tommy Foster




Posted 10/20/2020

1969 MGB for sale by Richard Whymark.  Click here for pics/details.  Will open in new window.



Posted 01/15/2020


72 MGB owned by John Roberts.




I have owned this car for 41 years and I am moving to Utah and have no place to house the car so I have decided to sell her and let someone else enjoy the drive. I installed the 5 sp ford T5 tranny in 2018 which has really improved the highway sp. The engine was major overhauled in 2005. I have all the part records of that overhaul. I added a street cam, headers, flo-thru exhaust, oversized engine oil cooler with braided lines, electronic ignition, 13/4 su carbs, new oil pump, fuel pump, valve guides, valve springs, timing chain, and clutch and roller thro-out bearing. I converted the suspension to tube shocks, and slotted disc brakes on front. Last year I installed a gps speedometer and new radio. I bought Moss motors hi-lift rocker shaft with needle bearings, but I have never installed it. It will come with the car. I have a box of mg parts that also will come with the car as well as a tonneau  cover. Approx mileage since overhaul is under 8000 miles.

Asking $16,000.00

You may reach me at (217)710-0574 or blowtorch29@yahoo.com.   (John Roberts)