1st Sunday of the month  ---  Liberty Hill High School --  9am to Noon

 Antique/foreign/new /Corvette
( Directions to Liberty High School)

1st Sunday of the month ---- Leander --- 10am to Noon @ Lowe’s/Goodwill parking lot corner of 183 and Crystal Falls

All versions of antique cars
( Directions to Lowe's in Leander)

1st Sunday of the month---Round Rock—City Hall--- 9am  to Noon

 All makes and models
( Directions to Round Rock City Hall)

2nd Sunday of the month---The Oasis - Cars and Coffee -- 9am  to 1pm

 All makes and models
( Directions to The Oasis)

3rd Sunday of the month---Round Rock Show and Shine @ Centennial Plaza --10am to 2pm

All makes and models
( Directions to Centennial Plaza)

3rd Saturday of the month---Pistons on the Square in Georgetown -- 8am to 10am

All makes and models (Sponsored by the GTACC ( Georgetown Area Car Club))
( Directions to Georgetown)

3rd Saturday of the month---Leander @ Willis St. -- 6pm to 9pm

All makes and models
( Directions to Willis Street in Leander)


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