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Parts For Sale


Posted 11/1/22

Have parted out a 1971 MGB convertible with desirable factory hardtop and overdrive. Many of the parts are posted on Craigslist in Austin. Will be posting additional parts in the future. If there is a part you need that is not shown, email  gpotters@austin.r.com for availability and price.



Posted 8/3/22

All parts are off or for 1950 thru 1954 MGTD
5- Steel original wheels  in "good condition"
    Set of 5 wheel sold together for $ 150.00 ( or sold separately at $40.00 each)
5- Chrome hub caps (aftermarket) with original MG crest disks
    as a set - $100.00 (sold separately at $25.00/cap + w/crest disk)
4- Brake drums (freshly turned and within specs) 2- front drums and 2- rear drums (splines in very good shape)
    as a set $200.00 for all 4 drums
    Sold as a set of 2
        Front drums $100.00
        Rear drums $ 120.00
Let me know if you need and additional information.
John Chrisler
I can be contacted at:
    C  909-969-3720
    H  512-686-1926
    email:  john73bgt@yahoo.com



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